Driver's License for Trailers

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Further to my conversation with Ellen White at the Texas Snowbird Show.

As I explained to you at that time, I was informed by my trailer dealer to check with the insurance companies re: driving licence for large trailers. They both informed me (trailer and car insurance companies) of the same thing ­ I have to have a licence according to the ministry guidelines. They state that, if you are pulling ANY tow vehicle over 10,000 pounds, you require an "A" licence. If you have an accident and you do not have the A licence, the insurance company may not cover your claim. Unfortunately, when you apply for insurance the insurance company does not ask you what kind of licence you have. I am sure that there are others towing large trailers without the proper licence, as I was. Obtaining this licence requires a medical for a driver's licence, a written test and a road test as if you were driving an 18-wheel truck. If you are over 65, this process has to be completed every year. This is just information for yourself and other snowbirds.

We really enjoyed the Extravaganza again this year. We passed the information along and had one new member join at the show. We have attended all the shows held in the Valley and enjoyed them all.

Many thanks,
Bill Lamb

Response :
The "A" licence is Ontario-specific...drivers in other provinces have numbered licence types, not letters, and the weight of the trailer seems to differ slightly for each province. We suggest that you check with your provincial Department of Transportation and your insurance company to make sure that you have the correct licence and that you will be covered in case of a claim.

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