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Dear Sir or Madam;

Coming home to Canada from Florida this spring, I had a bad experience. I stopped for gas as we came along Highway 10, between I-75 and I-95, at a stop before we reached MacClenny. The gas station was somewhat isolated and run down. I filled the tank and for the next few hundred miles, found that the engine kept dying out whenever I stopped at intersections or lights. A mechanic told us that we had water and/or dirt in the gas, and suggested we put gas and other octane treatments in the tank. Whenever we got stuck in traffic, I was forced to keep one foot on the gas pedal and use the handbrake to try and stop. Eventually I was able to burn off the offending gas and resume our trip, but the car needed brake work as well as other tune-up work, and it ended up costing us hundreds of dollars.

Advice to returning drivers – always buy your gas at a reputable stop and avoid any old or run-down stations.

State governments should police this problem and prosecute. Perhaps you could pass this letter on to Governor Jeb Bush?

Yours sincerely,
Lionel Jeffery

Response :
Water in your gasoline can cause serious damage, as you found out. We recommend keeping a minimum of a one-quarter tank of gas in your car, at all times. This helps to prevent being stranded and will also give you time to find the "right" gas station. Forwarded, as requested.

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