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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Mr. Brissenden,

I have been a member for several years because I believe in the goals and have benefited, in many ways, from my CSA membership. I continue to promote the CSA but often with limited success. Some people are just not joiners.

There is a certain animosity between the West and East. Looking at a recent issue of CSANews, when I show this to people they say, "It's geared to people in Ontario or people in Florida. There's nothing about RVing"

Many people in the West are choosing an RV rather than a more permanent winter home. They are not interested in hotel discounts or telephone deals, because they use cell phones. They travel with satellite dishes and can not only watch TV, but can send and receive e-mails. Like other snowbirds, they play cards, golf and tennis but also do other things like hiking, boondocking, windsurfing and almost any other activity you can think of.

I would like to see more information in the Government Report, more reports on health care and articles like the Closer Connections Form 8840 and less on movie reviews, recipes and jokes.

Yes, we can write to "Bird Talk", but why don't you solicit information on upcoming
events? Arizona has the largest gathering of RVers in North America. Maybe we could have a section where members could send in photos of events such as this. If I didn't believe in the CSA I wouldn't be wasting your time or mine. My husband and I have been promoting the CSA for years and want to see it grow. Would you be able to send me extra magazines and membership applications to use to promote the CSA?

Sally Banks

Response :
Dear Ms. Banks:

I am pleased to hear you are long standing members who have benefited from your membership and that you promote the CSA to your friends and acquaintances.

I agree that some CSANews issues talk more about Ontario and Florida and there is nothing in some issues about RV'ers. Yes, we would like to change that. We are a national association and would be pleased to have equal representation across this great country. Our work is designed to help all Canadian travellers, wherever they reside.
This is where you, and other members from the West, come in. We would like to print more articles from our Western members, use photos of your events and include more information on the RV lifestyle. We would also be pleased to have one of our CSA directors attend your events, should you wish to invite them.

Our executive director and I have been in touch with the executive director of the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association in an effort to promote the CSA to new RV buyers. We also placed an ad in the RV Times publication. We met with the Federation of Quebec Camping and Caravaning and, hopefully, we will be advertising in their magazine, as well.

I thank you for contacting me and advising me of your valued support in the West and your valid concerns. As President of the CSA I would be pleased to hear from any member and I encourage all members to submit articles and photographs of your snowbird events for publishing consideration. And, we will certainly send you copies of both our application forms and copies of CSANews, to assist you in your quest for new members.
Thank You, Sally.

Yours truly,
Gerry Brissenden, CSA President

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