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Hi there,

Just a note to say thank you for all the years I have been a member of CSA, and also for receiving care and kindness whenever I needed some medical attention – even regular follow-up calls to check on my well being.

I enjoy your magazine very much. There are so many interesting stories sent in, but best of all is all the work put into our needs as "snowbirds" – both with medical news and government concerns on our behalf.

One thing I miss very much in my 5 months in Florida is news from Canada. We used to have a paper called "Canada News". It was compact and great. I know it folded out.

Could we not seek someone who would give us such a paper again? Could you please find out? We are all willing to pay for the paper – and I am sure many other Canadians will agree.

Thanks again for all your help.

Eileen Horne

Response :
Canada News was loved by many and also played an important role in the formation of the Canadian Snowbird Association. From what we have learned, operating a part time publication for Canadians in the United States is an expensive proposition and there is difficulty in finding financial support from enough advertisers. With the introduction of "news on demand" from the Internet and the ability to view Canadian Television Programs on the various satellite systems, the success of such a paper becomes even more difficult. We, at one point, attempted to purchase Canada News just before its demise and continue to look at ways to "reinvent the wheel". We will certainly keep trying to find a viable alternative for you and other snowbirds.

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