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Fall 2005 CSANews Issue 56  |   Posted date : May 23, 2007.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

On my drive home from Florida last spring I made it a point to stop overnight, before dark, at a large well-lit center. I was given a room at the back of the motel, which I accepted because it would be quieter there & I could then get a good sleep. But fate played a hand. As I stepped out of my room for one more trip to my vehicle, a big guy came walking from the side and after giving me a very pleasant "good evening, Sir," grabbed me by the front of the shirt with one hand & shoved the other into my pocket for my wallet! We scuffled & exchanged words briefly (my cry for help was unanswered), then he shoved me back inside & knocked me down with a punch to the right eye, ripping my wallet out of my pocket before taking off! From now on I will NOT stay at a motel unless they have a competent security patrol on duty & I encourage all other travellers to do the same. If we work together perhaps we can convince the head-offices & local operators of these facilities that our personal safety is the number one priority!

'Harry' Splett, Nepean, ON

Response :
We were dismayed to learn about your harrowing experience. Safety should always be a top priority when we travel. Thankfully, we rarely hear of such distressing and dangerous situations on the road. We recommend that you park your car in full view of your room or the reservation desk. Walk only in well lit areas and travel in pairs at night, and during the day, for that matter. Choose accommodations with security on patrol whenever possible. If you do find yourself confronted with a thief, most police forces recommend that you simply give him/her your wallet. Your money, identification and credit cards can be replaced.

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