Lifestyle Presentation - Peterborough

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

We are CSA members and attended Peterborough's first CSA presentation on September 22nd. This was absolutely the best CSA extravaganza we have ever attended. Better than the one we went to in Toronto! The speakers were excellent and the entertainment was first class. To President Gerry Brissenden, his staff , and the entertainers, our heartiest congratulations! Well done! We trust Peterborough will be a regular stop on future presentation tours.

Sincerely, Audrene & David Norrie

PS - Now, how about South Carolina?? That's our winter home, "away" from home.

Response :
Thanks for the kind words. We love to bring entertainment and information to our members. If you have any suggestions about where we can have an event in South Carolina we would be glad to hear from you. If snowbirds are there, we will come.

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