Medical Conditions - Know Them of All

Winter 2005 CSANews Issue 57  |   Posted date : May 25, 2007.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

This is in response to the member who wrote a letter in the summer edition regarding an Insurance Company that had a clause in its policy stating that the patient should know of all medical conditions he or she might have, and therefore he was not covered by insurance. The editors are doing the CSA members a disservice by not revealing the company. They should be exposed, so that I and fellow members can stay clear of them. Only then will they get the message. Please print the name of this company in your next edition. Thank you!

Lorenze Wiens, Life Member

Response :
We would like nothing more than to share the name of the "offending" insurance provider with the entire membership. Unfortunately, you CAN be sued for telling the truth; you will win the case, but the legal fees will run into the tens of thousands of dollars and you can only recover a small portion of them. We have already been sued for telling the truth - and we won - but it was an expensive "win". In the meantime, we will remind you, and all of our readers, that we believe your safest and fairest option for travel medical insurance is Medipac, and you must always read any policy, and the application, very carefully.

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