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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk:

I wonder how many Snowbirds who have bank accounts in Florida realize that the tellers are NOT responsible for cheques??? I have a receipt for $400 deposited on December 7, 2005 in the form of 4 x $50, 10 x $20 and am in dispute with the bank regarding the amount of the deposit. I have fi led a grievance stating my case that I am positive I deposited $400 in American Express Travellers Cheques because I checked each one prior to leaving home, writing my account number on each cheque, and signing them in the appropriate place and paper clipping them to a deposit slip from the bank.

They tell me the only way around this situation is to cash the cheques, take the cash, count it, and then make the deposit - ridiculous I would say - wouldn’t you ???

My husband and I will definitely be leaving this bank after the holidays are over and all of our outstanding cheques are paid as we both feel that the bank deducting $100 from our account was completely uncalled for. The bank representative called us this evening, December 23rd, to tell us that they will not be settling in our favour. This is definitely a lesson for the learning. Unfortunately for me, when I returned home from making the deposit, I checked off the deposited Travellers cheques and destroyed the receipts - why would I keep them when I deposited the $400 in a secure place like the bank????

What good is it for a bank to give you a receipt for the amount you deposited and then question your deposit the following day and take out what they feel the deposit was without notifying you as to what they are doing and why ???

I can’t imagine banking in Canada being carried on in this manner and I am one disgruntled customer at the moment.

Sincerely, Mrs. J. Valleau

Response :
This should serve as a stern warning for all Canadians who conduct business with foreign banks, in any country. Keep all of the receipts that are issued to you from the bank teller. Make photocopies of the bank drafts and money orders you purchase. If you insist on discarding receipts instead of keeping them on file, hang onto them for a month and don’t throw them away until you have reconciled the transaction with your bank statement or bank book.

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