Bird Talk / Issue 83

Bird talk - Le Jaseur

Issues in trying to acquire U.S. credit cards at major shopping stores.
Posted date : Jul 05, 2012.
As snowbirds, we have a home in an adult community in henderson, Nevada and this is what has worked for me when applying for a card with Macy’s, dillards, Kohls, etc. Once you have their card, you will enjoy better discounts....   Read more...

"The calculus of er charges" - An Investigative article by steve lopez
Posted date : Jul 05, 2012.
la times april 1 page a2, investigative article by steve lopez, "the calculus of er charges" had some points of interest to us snowbirds. One that caught my attention was er billings...   Read more...

Crossing the border with dogs
Posted date : Jul 05, 2012.
I had to chuckle at the cartoon on p.53. we cross the border at least twice a year with our dogs, but the border patrol/customs people have never made any reference such as the one in the cartoon.   Read more...

No sign-in is now required in CSANews
Posted date : Jul 05, 2012.
In CSANews, you recommend that members go to your website and print the (closer connection) form. When I entered the site, I was asked for my membership number and a password...No sign-in is now required.   Read more...

Medipac provides automatic extensions of coverage for FREE!!
Posted date : Jul 05, 2012.
My husband and I spent four months last winter in florida, with 62 days of insurance from my retired teachers of Ontario plan, then topping up with Medipac. we arrived back in canada on april 2 and our Medipac insurance expired on april 3. if we had been in a serious accident before we crossed the border and were both unconscious.....   Read more...

Visit-USA Act - Canadian health coverage
Posted date : Jul 05, 2012.
Visit-USA Act - I was wondering what the effect will be on Canadian health coverage for Canadians who would be out of Canada for more than 183 days.   Read more...