Bird Talk / Issue 99

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Vitamin K vs. Potassium
Posted date : Jul 20, 2016.
In reply to the letter about atrial fibrillation and the avoidance of foods containing vitamin K. The editorial reply has confused vitamin K with K-potassium.   Read more...

Form 8840
Posted date : Jul 20, 2016.
Would it be possible to file Form 8840 only after the IRS has noticed that you have gone above the 183-day threshold?   Read more...

Form 8840 Deadline
Posted date : Jul 20, 2016.
Wondering if someone could confirm the due date necessary to file a Form 8840.   Read more...

Travel Medical Subrogation
Posted date : Jul 20, 2016.
The insurance company then went after their in-province insurance company for a good portion of the claim.   Read more...

Four-month Stay in the U.S.
Posted date : Jul 20, 2016.
Any further information about a rumour that Canadians who have property in the U.S. and stay for longer than four months in a calendar year are deemed to pay income tax, the same as an American citizen would?   Read more...

I-75 Traffic?
Posted date : Jul 20, 2016.
Traffic leaving Florida on I-75 was extremely heavy and we were wondering if this was because we left on the last day of the month?   Read more...