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Recommendations in Arizona
Posted date : Aug 06, 2014.
I have never been to Arizona and would like some suggestions of where to go for six weeks.   Read more...

Travel Destinations
Posted date : Sep 22, 2009.
Dear Bird Talk, Hello, I’m a widower and the kids are all gone and I’m tired of winter. I’m tempted to just load the dog in the truck and go ...   Read more...

South Africa
Posted date : Sep 19, 2008.
Dear Bird Talk, I immigrated to Canada some 40 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa and it is with great interest that I read the article from CSANews issue 67 (summer 2008). While Mr. Garrison is correct in extolling the many attractions of South Africa, he neglected to mention the one fundamental fact of South Africa.   Read more...

Snowbird Destinations other than Florida
Posted date : Aug 07, 2007.
Dear Bird Talk, We have been Florida snowbirds for the past 10 years but are becoming weary and more and more wary of the general attitude of the Florida government and big business towards snowbirds at all levels.   Read more...

New Zealand
Posted date : Mar 01, 2007.
Dear Bird Talk, I have just returned from New Zealand where I spent a second winter in that country. Hence, I would like to start a Canadian chapter of CSA for those of us who go to New Zealand.   Read more...