CSANews Issue 31 / Bird Talk

Issue 31 Spring 1999

"Old Folks!"
Posted date : Mar 01, 2007.
"Old Folks!" - Dear Bird Talk, As Lifetime Members, Holly and I would like to thank you very much for the crests, booklets and pins that we received recently. Bot....   Read more...

Medical Evacuation
Posted date : Mar 01, 2007.
Medical Evacuation - Dear Bird Talk, I feel the following letter would be helpful to all snowbirds if it were printed in the CSA News. It might keep them from making th....   Read more...

New Zealand
Posted date : Mar 01, 2007.
New Zealand - Dear Bird Talk, I have just returned from New Zealand where I spent a second winter in that country. Hence, I would like to start a Canadian chapte....   Read more...

Cigarettes at Extravaganza '99
Posted date : Mar 01, 2007.
Cigarettes at Extravaganza '99 - Dear Bird Talk, We have been members of CSA for the past seven years and also use some of the services. We are generally in agreement and apprecia....   Read more...