CSANews Issue 33 / Snowbird Alert!

Issue 33 Winter 1999

Canada Post
Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.
Canada Post - CSA member J. Winterburn ran into an interesting predicament last winter with Canada Post. When his insurance company sent a registered letter to Mr. ....   Read more...

Unscrupulous Telemarketers
Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.
Unscrupulous Telemarketers - If you suspect that unscrupulous telemarketers are targeting a relative or friend, watch for the following signs:A marked increase in the amount of ....   Read more...

Phony Phone Messages
Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.
Phony Phone Messages - We all (hopefully) know that when we call a 1-900 number, our telephone company will charge us on our phone bill, usually on a per-minute basis. Charg....   Read more...