CSANews Issue 33 / Bird Talk

Issue 33 Winter 1999

Money Orders
Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.
Money Orders - Dear Bird Talk,Re: Summer 1999 issue, page 11.I also had the same problems as Kenneth Ramsay. A teller in St. Pete's, Florida told me, a Canadian mone....   Read more...

Mail Forward
Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.
Mail Forward - Dear Bird Talk,Thank you for the latest CSA Special Report, which arrived recently. Having been visitors to Florida on a regular basis, each winter si....   Read more...

Rate Category
Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.
Rate Category - Dear Bird Talk,I have been a member of CSA for many years and have been insured by Medipac without claim.There is one facet of my dealings with Medipa....   Read more...

Read Your Policy
Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.
Read Your Policy - Dear Bird Talk,I appreciate the opportunity to alert your readers to the unfortunate experience I encountered with an insurance company named Pure Ins....   Read more...