CSANews Issue 40 / Bird Talk

Issue 40 Fall 2001

Standard Election Dates
Posted date : Apr 01, 2007.
Standard Election Dates - Dear Bird Talk,Your Spring Issue 38 makes reference to voting problems experienced by our CSA members in November 2000.I have a degree of understandin....   Read more...

CSANews: Fast Facts
Posted date : Apr 01, 2007.
CSANews: Fast Facts - Dear Bird Talk,The item: "Canada Trust MasterCard (travel medical insurance) Bites The Dust," based on the information I have, is only partly true. Th....   Read more...

Advanced tickets
Posted date : Apr 01, 2007.
Advanced tickets - Dear Bird Talk,I just had to write to express my deep disappointment with the C.S.A.Every year we look forward to attending the Snowbird Extravaganza ....   Read more...