CSANews Issue 58 / Bird Talk

Issue 58 Spring 2006

Prostate Cancer Awareness
Posted date : May 27, 2007.
Prostate Cancer Awareness - Dear Bird Talk, Today I am writing as a self-appointed poster boy for prostate cancer awareness, to male snowbirds across Canada. Many of your r....   Read more...

Travellers' Cheques
Posted date : May 27, 2007.
Travellers' Cheques - Dear Bird Talk: I wonder how many Snowbirds who have bank accounts in Florida realize that the tellers are NOT responsible for cheques??? I have a ....   Read more...

Warning! Unjust Bank Charges
Posted date : May 27, 2007.
Warning! Unjust Bank Charges - Dear Sirs: I recently had a disturbing banking experience with Bank of America in Fort Myers, Florida. A normal deposit of $4,000.00 USD from my lo....   Read more...

Reflection on Silver Lake
Posted date : May 27, 2007.
Reflection on Silver Lake - Dear Bird Talk, I have enclosed a picture of the group of Canadians that winter in Avon Park, Florida. We had a wonderful pot luck dinner, using....   Read more...