CSANews Issue 64 / Bird Talk

Issue 64 Fall 2007

Posted date : Oct 17, 2007.
Shinglers - Dear Bird Talk,...And now, on a more serious note, the Feature Story on "Infections" in the recent CSANews was interesting – particularly the piece ....   Read more...

Property Taxes
Posted date : Oct 17, 2007.
Property Taxes - Dear Bird Talk,I have just read Peter Benedek's column and, being a property-owning snowbird who keeps up to date with such issues, I am well aware of....   Read more...

Mobile Home Parks
Posted date : Oct 17, 2007.
Mobile Home Parks - Dear Bird Talk,With reference to Arthur Duncan’s query regarding info for mobile home parks in Arizona, he should write for a list to the Arizona Wi....   Read more...

Medications Crossing the Border
Posted date : Oct 17, 2007.
Medications Crossing the Border - Dear Bird Talk, I thought that you would be interested in printing the enclosed information and, by finding out whether other seniors have experienced....   Read more...

Thanks Medipac!
Posted date : Oct 17, 2007.
Thanks Medipac! - Dear Bird Talk, Enclosed is our Early Bird Application for our upcoming winter season in Florida.I just wanted to enclose with the application our hea....   Read more...

Excellent Customer Service
Posted date : Oct 17, 2007.
Excellent Customer Service - Dear Bird Talk, I have been talking with Sonia, who was a great pleasure to deal with. She sets a high standard for her colleagues. Because of her I w....   Read more...