CSANews Issue 66 / Bird Talk

Issue 66 Spring 2008

Rules of the “Ontario Drug Plan”
Posted date : May 24, 2008.
Rules of the “Ontario Drug Plan” - Dear Bird Talk,In view of the problems which I recently experienced when attempting to obtain prescription medicine from my pharmacist before leaving ....   Read more...

British Pensioners
Posted date : May 24, 2008.
British Pensioners - Hello Bird Talk!One of your members has suggested that many other "snowbirds" would be extremely interested to learn about a pension that is available....   Read more...

Florida Tax Crisis
Posted date : May 24, 2008.
Florida Tax Crisis - Dear Bird Talk,Just read the Bird Talk letter from David Dillon in CSANews Issue 65. He is quite correct in what he says in his letter about spending ....   Read more...

Non-Residents Driver’s Licence
Posted date : May 24, 2008.
Non-Residents Driver’s Licence - Dear Bird Talk,At the Detroit border crossing on Oct. 26, 2007, we were unfortunate to get a very officious U.S. border agent by the name of Sanchez. ....   Read more...

2008 CSA Member Survey
Posted date : May 24, 2008.
2008 CSA Member Survey - The 2008 CSA Member Survey is now available online at www.snowbirds.org.Click the link below to open the online survey in a new browser. The questio....   Read more...

Strong Dollar, High Premiums?
Posted date : May 24, 2008.
Strong Dollar, High Premiums? - Dear Bird Talk:I was interested in reading your Editor's Message in the winter issue of CSANews (issue 65). There is no doubt that the Canadian dollar....   Read more...