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CSA revisits “Retired Persons Visa”
Posted date : Dec 12, 2009.
CSA revisits “Retired Persons Visa” - Several years ago, when Bill McCollum was a United States congressman from the Orlando area (he is now the attorney general for the state of Flo....   Read more...

Special Guet Columnist - Michael Coren
Posted date : Jul 21, 2009.
Special Guet Columnist - Michael Coren - It just so happened that in late May, just as Canadians were in a panic about obtaining passports so as to be able to cross the United States' bor....   Read more...

Health-Care Funding
Posted date : Apr 15, 2007.
Health-Care Funding - Several members and even a Director of the Canadian Snowbird Association have shared their personal experiences with us describing how the provincial ....   Read more...

Ontario Delivers for CSA!
Posted date : Mar 01, 2007.
Ontario Delivers for CSA! - On Friday, January 22, 1999 at Snowbird Extravaganza, Ontario Premier Mike Harris responded to years of lobbying efforts by the Canadian Snowbird Asso....   Read more...