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Posted date : Dec 16, 2010.
Podcasts - What is a podcast?A podcast is a computer file, usually audio and sometimes video, which can be listened to on, or downloaded from the Internet.Think ....   Read more...

Cleaning Your Computer
Posted date : Jul 20, 2010.
Cleaning Your Computer - Keeping it simple is the best way to deal with computer cleaning. I would not recommend opening the tower if you are not familiar with the inside comp....   Read more...

Become a computer-wise grandparent
Posted date : Dec 12, 2009.
Become a computer-wise grandparent - The grandchildren have left and the house seems empty, so you go to your computer to write them a message. To your dismay, the computer will n....   Read more...

Computer Maintenance and Safety Tips
Posted date : Sep 22, 2009.
Computer Maintenance and Safety Tips - From the numerous e-mails that I receive on a daily basis, it is apparent that most computer problems are software related. Hardware rarely fails ....   Read more...

Your Health and Your Computer
Posted date : Jul 21, 2009.
Your Health and Your Computer - Did you know that learning how to work on your computer and navigate the Internet is not the most important part of computing? The fact is,your wo....   Read more...