Letter from the Editor Issue 62

Spring 2007 CSANews Issue 62  |  Posted date : Jun 06, 2007.Back to list

It's almost overwhelming! We fought, and cajoled, and begged the Liberal federal government for almost 15 years to listen to CSA's needs. They refused to even meet with CSA during that time. All we ever wanted was for them to enforce the laws that they themselves had made. We tilled the fallow fields of their government with no results, and the Canada Health Act appeared to be simply a few words on paper.

What a difference our new federal government has made. CSA has already had several very forthright and productive meetings with cabinet ministers and staff of our new federal government and they not only listened, but they have acted. Health Minister Tony  Clement has written to each of the provincial health ministers asking them to abide by the Canada Health Act. Such a simple request, but the beginning of a new era in government, with CSA's agenda and issues being thoughtfully considered.

This is a "breakthrough" indeed, as mentioned modestly in the CSA Government Report. It is the beginning of a (hopefully) short process to have all provinces abide by the Portability section of the Canada Health Act.

Don Slinger, CSA's Past President, spent several years of his post retirement life fighting for these issues and he missed seeing this "breakthrough" by a few short weeks, as he recently passed away. Don has left this world a better place for all of us and may we all be guided by his leadership and selfless dedication to others.

My congratulations to President Gerry Brissenden, and to the entire Board
of Directors of the Canadian Snowbird  Association, both past and present, for their tireless work in representing our issues.

We DO make a difference and our voice IS heard.

J. Ross Quigley

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