Signs Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Spring 2007 CSANews Issue 62  |  Posted date : Jun 06, 2007.Back to list

  • Bills and statements don't arrive when they're supposed to - they may have been stolen from the mailbox or someone has changed the mailing address.
  • You receive calls from collection agencies or creditors for an account you don't have or that you know is up to date. Someone may have opened a new account in your name, or added charges to an account without your knowledge or permission.
  • Financial statements show withdrawals or transfers from accounts you didn't make.
  • A creditor calls to say you've been approved or denied credit that you haven't applied for. Or, you get credit card statements for accounts you don't have.
  • You were denied credit for reasons that do not match your understanding of your financial position.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing forms of fraud in Canada. Recognize it, report it and stop it. The Consumer Measures Committee, whose members include federal, provincial and territorial government representatives responsible for consumer affairs, is reminding Canadians to guard their personal information and documents, to keep their computer and its contents safe, and to be vigilant.

Get all the latest tips and protection information on identify theft, including what to do if you become a victim, at this federal-provincial-territorial website