Oral health is important to your overall health

Spring 2007 CSANews Issue 62  |  Posted date : Jun 06, 2007.Back to list

(NC)-Research shows there is a relationship between oral disease and other health problems such as diabetes and certain kinds of pneumonia. There may even be a link between oral diseases and heart disease and stroke, as well as premature and low birth-weight babies.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, practice good oral hygiene and have your mouth examined regularly by your dentist. Only your dentist has the training, skill and expertise to identify and address your oral health needs.

If you do not have a dental plan and cannot afford to pay your entire bill at once, ask your dentist about a payment plan. If you cannot afford care, even with a payment plan, contact your nearest social services agency, provincial or territorial dental association or dental school. So put a smile in your body and follow up. You can also visit the Canadian Dental Association for more information at cda-adc.ca.