An Insurance Story

Spring 2007 CSANews Issue 62  |  Posted date : Jun 06, 2007.Back to list

Dear Bird Talk,

One of my vices is writing LONG letters, but I will try to keep this short if I can!

My husband and I have been members of CSA for many years. We purchase our travel insurance from Medipac International and always hope never to need it.  That changed in Nov. 2005 and we are one grateful couple today.

We arrived at Blue Sky RV Park in Yuma, AZ on Nov. 6 – on Nov. 26 I passed out and fell from my mobility scooter.  I was rushed by ambulance to Yuma Medical Centre; I had blood clots in my Lungs and spent 13 days in hospital – 5 of them in ICU.  I couldn't count the number of X-rays, CT scans, ultra-sounds, all medications, units of blood, blood thinner, etc.  I received and I was very impressed with the Doctors and nursing staff.  They tried their best to make me comfortable and were so good at explaining their actions. I had no complaints.

On Dec. 09, I (and my husband) were flown from Yuma to the Trenton, Ontario, Canada air base and then by ambulance to Belleville General Hospital.  Tony and Laura, on the air ambulance, were super with us and the pilots were very competent operators.

We never saw a bill for all of the care I received while in the U.S.. The girl on admittance (to the Yuma Medical Centre) said "Medipac is one of the best", and we agree.  
My husband went back to Yuma to bring home our trailer and van.  A neighbour flew down to help drive – Medipac paid the airfare and the gas for the trip home.  Our neighbour was very impressed!  When all was settled up I had cost Medipac just under $90,000. U.S.; believe me – we would be in very poor financial shape today without Medipac behind us.

All phone calls, no matter what the time or concern, were always answered with courtesy and patience which was greatly appreciated by my husband.  He timed his return to Yuma to attend Information Day at the Civic Centre on Feb 06, 2006.  A friend (and CSA Volunteer), Jerry Waterall, spoke for David, voicing our gratefulness for the way our case had been handled.  David had a nice chat with Medipac Vice-President, Christopher Bradbury.

As for me, it was discovered just 2 months ago that I also sustained a broken shoulder in the fall but that is healed and I am almost back to where I was, pre-fall and have just sent in our form to Medipac for 5 months in Yuma this winter.

Medipac may not be the cheapest but I have proof there can't be any better!

Alice Mumby

P.S.  I realize this ended up being pretty long so you have my permission to edit the letter to your satisfaction.  I just wanted Medipac to know all of the story – I guess the public doesn't need all the facts.

I see there is an INFO day coming to Belleville - maybe we'll see some of you there.

Incidentally, my husband is a CSA volunteer – he has delivered Yuma Info Day Flyers by bicycle to 5 RV parks in our area.

I would not change a word of your story, Alice, and the public should see the facts. Medipac deals with similar medical emergencies many times, every day, and it is a pleasure to hear of the little things we do that help to make a difference. I was particularly happy that the Yuma Medical Center told you that "Medipac was one of the best", as they deal with hundreds of different companies from all over the US and Canada. Thank you for your kind letter as it gives us an opportunity to say thank you to our hardworking and dedicated staff in a public way.