Canadian Winter Texans Celebration

Posted date : Mar 02, 1999.Back to list

Canadian Winter Texans Celebrate Branson, Missouri Superstars to Perform

McAllen, Texas: On March 9, 1999, the McAllen International Civic Center will play host to thousands of Canadian Winter Texans, all celebrating a camaraderie unique to those enjoying the famed Texas hospitality.

The second annual Winter Texans' Snowbird Extravaganza, based on the premise of Information, Education and Entertainment has in a very short time, become a greatly anticipated event for those wintering in the Rio Grande Valley. Not only an information forum for those spending up to six months away from home, it's also an opportunity to enjoy unparalleled performances by some of Branson, Missouri's greatest superstars.

Scheduled to appear in two free concerts on March 9 is Texas' son and country music recording star, Moe Bandy along with his full band. Branson's epic musical "The Promise," based on the life of Jesus, has garnered rave reviews and Randy Brooks, star of the show will make a special appearance. Jennifer Wilson, winner of Branson's Entertainer of the Year Award has made Texas her only stop on the western Extravaganza tour, and Master of Ceremonies Ronnie Prophet and his wife, Glory-Anne round out the entertainment roster. Both Ronnie and Glory-Anne are Canadian music award winners, Ronnie the recipient of the Juno Award (Canada's Grammy).

"This past year, the Canadian dollar has taken a beating," says Bob Jackson, president of the Canadian Snowbird Association. "Many short-term travellers stayed home for the season. Long-term travelers or snowbirds still kept to their plans. It'll take more than a drop in the dollar to keep a Winter Texan down. They value their friends here, and they value their time spent in the beautiful Lone Star State. As a result, their financial impact on their winter communities is profound, and they are equally giving of their time. Canadian volunteerism is at an all-time high."

Among the many topics to be discussed are the recent changes to Ontario, Canada's drug, residency and election rules. Many Winter Texans are from Canada's largest province, and these changes will greatly ease their future travel plans.

"Above all else, Winter Texans' Snowbird Extravaganza is a great opportunity to get together with old friends, and meet up with new ones," continued Jackson. "There are no borders at an Extravaganza."