Letter from the Editor Issue 63

Summer 2007 CSANews Issue 63  |  Posted date : Aug 07, 2007.Back to list

Twenty-five bucks is a lot of money for a piece of paper! But when it is a CSA membership card, you and your spouse bought some of the best insurance that you can get to protect your travelling lifestyle. And you may not know it, but CSA has already paid several "claims" on your behalf.

When the United States decided to limit all visitors to 30 days inside their country – the CSA fixed it! When Canadian provinces started to limit your travel to 90 days – the CSA fixed it! When the provinces said that you could not visit your son or daughter in another province (due to your extended snowbird travel) – CSA fixed it! When a healthy 65-year-old couple's travel insurance costs went from $800 to $6,000 – CSA fixed it! That's what your $20 CSA membership paid for over the past few years.

But now it's 25 bucks and you said to yourself… "Gee, that's expensive and I could go out for lunch one day, instead."

We all wish that life were defined by such simple choices but, unfortunately, it is not. Real results, like those above, take time and money. Your CSA Board of Directors gives their time for nothing and in some cases, it is more than a full-time job…and I repeat…for nothing! I hope that you will skip that lunch and help CSA out with the money part. They really need your help, so that they can help you.

Oh! And if you want to split hairs, you could buy a five-year membership for $99 and save a buck, instead of paying the increased price. You would also save four years' of postage and a lot of time looking for stamps and post office boxes.

I am your conscience this month, so do the right thing, and please feel free to send a few extra bucks for the Special Action Fund.


John Ross Quigley,

P.S. Be sure to get your Medipac Early Bird application in the mail and don't be fooled by the copycat plans. If you bought one by mistake, I would cancel it and replace it with the CSA-endorsed Medipac program.

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