The CSA Placemat…Building Bridges for Canadians

Summer 2007 CSANews Issue 63  |  Posted date : Aug 07, 2007.Back to list

Sometimes it’s the little things that you do, that get the most attention.

We have been supplying CSA/Medipac placemats for the last eight years, to just about anyone who requests them. These are very beautifully and tastefully designed and have as their focal point the printed lyrics to our Canadian and American anthems.

They also carry the dates and locations of our Extravaganzas and our fall and winter events.

Over the years, we have supplied almost 750,000 of these placemats, with the average yearly distribution being 90,000.

Who uses these placemats? Most of the parks and condo associations in which Canadians spend some leisure time!!

Our members are proud of their heritage and are also happy to be welcomed and appreciated in the United States. We show our appreciation by hosting regular Can/Am events and by supplying these placemats, so that our guests and/or hosts can join in the singing of both national anthems.

I have had the pleasure of attending many park functions and can testify to the pride that each country shows when their anthem is sung.

One of my proudest moments came this year, when we received a request for 7,500 placemats from an American newspaper.

Why in the world would an American newspaper want our placemats, and why so many?

After visiting the newspaper, I had the answer.

The Bradenton Herald, a local newspaper serving Manatee County and surrounding areas in Florida, has a community relations person whose official title is newspaper in education co-ordinator, whose job it is to foster good relations between local residents and the corporate world.

One of the projects involved is to visit the local schools and help the students diversify their knowledge of other countries.

This NIE co-ordinator had seen our placemat and thought, “what a wonderful way to get young children to learn the Canadian national anthem.”

Although most Canadians know and can sing the American anthem, many Americans do not share that same knowledge.

This NIE co-ordinator contacted the school board with the idea of introducing our placemat to the children at an early school level and was given approval to start the project this fall.

The newspaper already donates 20,000 free copies of their paper each school day to the schools in the area and now, our placemat will be front and centre for these young, hungry minds to absorb and include in their singing.

Many thousands of young American voices will now be joining us as we proudly sing…O CANADA; We Stand on Guard for Thee.

Yes, the placemats were delivered and are now ready for the school system this September.

Let’s look for other areas in which to promote our heritage, and let’s not forget that we are promoting our association at the same time.

By the way, our placemats have been used and promoted in every province of Canada and in most of the states of the U.S.

They are fun to use and they help build relationships between neighbours and, best of all, they are free. We even pay the shipping cost. This is mainly a fall and winter project which we start in November each year. If you have an interest, make sure that you contact us early so that we can ship them to you in time for your event.

Here’s how to contact us:
CSA Placemat Program
c/o Medipac International Communications, Inc.
180 Lesmill Road
Toronto ON   M3B 2T5
1-877-633-4722 (please leave a message)