Medipac Clients and Vioxx

Fall 2004 CSANews Issue 52  |  Posted date : Sep 24, 2004.Back to list

Merck &. Co., Inc. announced the voluntary worldwide withdrawal of VIOXX® (rofecoxib), its arthritis and acute pain medication on Sept. 30, 2004. You may obtain more information from Merck by accessing,, or by calling (888) 36-VIOXX (1-888-368-4699).

Many of our customers who have been taking Vioxx have expressed concern about how the recall of the medication and the resulting change to their medication treatment regime affects their travel insurance coverage. In some instances, such medication changes because of the withdrawal of Vioxx from the world market may not fall under Medipac's exclusion of unstable pre-existing conditions.

To find out how changes to your medications due to the recall of Vioxx affect your travel health insurance, please call Medipac at 1-888-MEDIPAC (1-888-633-4722).

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