Snowbird Currency Exchange Program Fees

Posted date : Oct 02, 2006.Back to list

The CSA has been receiving a number of phone calls and emails regarding a change in banking policy and fees in the United States. In particular, many snowbirds have received, with their monthly U.S. bank statements, a pamphlet indicating that a new fee of up to $15 will be charged for incoming international money transfers. To date, this new policy has affected only banks in Texas; however, we understand that legislation and/or policy changes have been discussed in other snowbird states.

Participants of the Snowbird Currency Exchange program will NOT be affected by these changes, as the money transfers within our program are not deemed international.

If you know other snowbirds that may be affected by this change in policy, we encourage you to introduce them to the Snowbird Currency Exchange program – the most cost effective and efficient snowbird currency exchange and money transfer program in Canada.

Program Highlights:

  • Initial enrolment cost only $5.
  • Monthly transfer fees for:
    • Lifetime CSA Members: FREE
    • CSA Members: $2
    • Non-members: $5
  • Exchange rates are normally not attainable by the general public.
  • Transfers initiated on the first business day, and U.S. funds deposits into U.S. bank on 5th business day.
For more information, please call: 416-391-9000 or 1-800-265-3200, or download an application form from the Member Benefits section of