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Long-known for creating one-of-a-kind adventures and interactive experiences with the natural world, central Florida's Worlds of Discovery parks – Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando – will unveil two incredible new experiences in spring 2008.

Rising up in Orlando is a whimsical, one-of-a-kind water park that only SeaWorld could create: Aquatica. Opening in March 2008, Aquatica blends up-close animal experiences, waters from serene to extreme, high-speed thrills and wide, sandy beaches.

Nearly 60 acres of lush landscape are inspired by the vivid colour and carefree personality of the South Sea Islands. Crystal-blue rivers wind through hidden grottoes and waterfalls, while exotic plants and bright flowers adorn towering rock formations.

Aquatica features the most thrilling water rides in the world, with 36 water slides, six rivers and lagoons, and more than 80,000 square feet of beach area. The park's signature attraction plunges riders in clear tubes through a crystal-blue lagoon with black-and-white Commerson's dolphins. Guests feel as if they are flying beneath the sea among these beautiful animals.

Aquatica's attractions offer equal emphasis on high-energy thrill rides and immersive swimming experiences. A colourful mix of racing tunnels, raft rides and rivers offers crashing surf and high-speed thrills, while pools, lagoons and lazy rivers invite guests to enjoy a slower pace.

Two immense wave lagoons create the world's only side-by-side wave pools. Each lagoon offers a very different experience: one with crashing waves and five-foot swells, the other with a gently rolling surf.

The rivers that wind through Aquatica also offer two experiences. One carries guests through gentle waterfalls, past exotic birds and into an undersea grotto with thousands of colourful fish. The other offers pure thrill, jetting riders through rolling rapids and rushing geysers.

In April 2008, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will open Jungala – its newest and most ambitious park-enhancement project to date. Set in the Congo area, the four-acre attraction will invite guests to discover exotic creatures, explore a village hidden deep in the jungle and connect with the inhabitants of the lush landscape.

Treetop observation platforms are the perfect vantage point from which to watch orangutans within their family groups, or resting in a specially designed tree house. Subterranean caves and underwater windows offer a clear view of Bengal tigers swimming in their temperature-controlled plunge pool, while natural bridges and bamboo screens bring guests closer to these exotic predators than ever before. Acrobatic gibbons, flying foxes and mysterious tomistomas also make this exotic rain forest home.

In the jungle clearing, stilt-walkers will parade throughout the village, highlighting the colourful jungle flora and fauna with elaborate costumes representing birds, frogs and even the trees themselves.

Two signature rides add to the excitement of Jungala: Jungle Flyers, a zip line experience, offers three different flight patterns above the treetops, while The Wild Surge launches guests four storeys up above a towering waterfall.

This winter, Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando are giving Canadian snowbirds another great reason to visit central Florida: the Canadian Access Pass gives visitors unlimited flexibility during their stay, to visit one or all of the incredible adventure parks. As a special "Loonie Savings Offer," visitors can take advantage of great savings with $10 off the price of any Canadian Access Pass admission ticket purchased through March 31, 2008.

Then, starting April 1, Canadian visitors can enjoy adult tickets at kids' prices for single-day visits or multi-park tickets that combine Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and Aquatica throughout 2008.

These special advance-purchase offers are only available online or through select travel partners in Canada. They are not available at the parks' front gates, so be sure to make your purchase before you arrive.

For details about all Busch Gardens attractions, events and offers, visit the websites at www.seaworld.ca or www.buschgardens.ca.

Pic 1: Busch Gardens Africa's Serengeti Safari

Pic 2: Believe at SeaWorld Orlando

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