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Spring 2008 CSANews Issue 66  |  Posted date : May 24, 2008.Back to list

Feeling the pinch of restrictions onyour pension or retirement benefits? If you are a veteran, you may be eligible for certain benefits through Veterans Affairs Canada, such as support for home safety, mobility and prescription medication.

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) offers a wide range of services and benefits to:
  • qualified veterans;
  • Canadian Forces (CF) members;
  • serving and discharged members of the RCMP;
  • certain civilians; and
  • their families.

These services and benefits honour their sacrifices and achievements, and are designed to meet their changing needs.

To learn more or to find out if you are eligible for assistance, contact Veterans Affairs Canada.

English:    1-866-522-2122
French:    1-866-522-2022

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