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Spring 2008 CSANews Issue 66  |  Posted date : May 24, 2008.Back to list

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's recent decision to reprogram the format of CBC Radio 2 has led to the decision to disband the now 70-year-old national treasure, comprised of 35 of Canada's most-renowned classical musicians, the CBC Orchestra.

The CBC Orchestra has acted as a springboard for many of Canada's most talented musicians to develop their craft and move on to create music that is widely revered as distinctly Canadian. Furthermore, the contribution of such an orchestra to Canada's cultural identity on an international level cannot be easily replaced once this institution, that was founded in 1938, is effectively put to sleep due to budget constraints.

Thousands of Canadians see the reprogramming of CBC Radio 2 and the elimination of the CBC Orchestra as a "dumbing down" of our culture and a sign of decline in our cultural identity as Canadians. If you would like to add your name to the petition to save the CBC Orchestra, please visit: or send your opinion to:

CBC/Radio Canada
Head Office
Corporate Communications
PO Box 3220, Station C
Ottawa ON K1Y 1E4

CBC/Radio Canada
Audience Relations
250 Front Street West
PO Box 500, Station A
Toronto ON M5W 1E6

Jose Verner
Minister of Canadian
15 Eddy Street West
Gatineau QC K1A 0M5

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