All about GOLD

Fall 2006 CSANews Issue 60  |  Posted date : May 30, 2007.Back to list

  • It is recorded that only 88,000 tons of gold have been taken from the earth since recorded history.
  • The number of gold nuggets being found in the world is less than one per cent. However, it is much easier to find gold than to win a lottery.
  • Gold is so heavy that one cubic foot of it weighs half a ton.
  • A single ounce of gold can be drawn into a wire 60 miles long.
  • Gold can be hammered into sheets so thin that a pile of gold sheets one inch high would contain more than 200,000 separate sheets.
  • South Africa is the highest gold-producing country in the world today.
  • Gold is chemically liquefied and injected into the muscles of thousands of rheumatoid arthritis victims in the U.S., and it is said that the treatment is successful in seven out of 10 cases.