Medipac Early Bird Travel Insurance Special

Spring 2008 CSANews Issue 66  |  Posted date : May 24, 2008.Back to list

Medipac Travel Insurance is happy to declare that the early bird travel insurance season is now open!

All purchases of the Medipac Travel Insurance Plan made before August 22, 2008 will receive the special 5% Early Bird Discount.

Buy now and save!

If you have purchased Medipac Travel Insurance in the past, our Early Bird Travel Insurance Package is already in the mail, and contains your personal discount authorization code. All discount codes include the special Early Bird Discount, and your personal Claim Free Discount and Loyalty Credit, if applicable.

NEW Medipac clients will automatically receive our special Early Bird discount, but may also qualify for up to an additional 5% discount with the Medipac Claim Free Advantage Program. Call for details!

Medipac is stronger than ever. This year, Medipac Travel Insurance has been exclusively endorsed the Canadian Snowbird Association - for the 16th consecutive year.

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