My Advice – Buy Medipac Early Bird

Summer CSANews Issue 67  |  Posted date : Jul 22, 2008.Back to list

It's time to put on my insurance hat – it's Early Bird insurance time and most of our readers will have already received their insurance packages.

But really, most people looking for travel insurance just want some good honest advice. What should I buy? Who should I buy it from? Why do I have to answer all of these medical questions? Are there cheaper prices for the same coverage? Will they pay my claim? What does the "small policy print" mean? Will they really help me if I should need them? Are they reliable? Honest? Caring? Financially stable? And are they really, really good at what they do?

In one simple word, you can have the answers to all of these questions and it is simple – Medipac! Perhaps some of our core tenets will help you:
  • Travel insurance is Medipac's ONLY business!
  • Medipac is more than just an insurance policy – Much, Much More!
  • Medipac is unique – we work to earn your business and then we work to pay your claim!
  • Medipac insures AND covers most stable pre-existing conditions!
A very simple way to know if you are buying the right travel insurance program is to hear what other people are saying about a company such as Medipac. Of course, in most cases, you can really get very little, if any, information. That is one reason why Medipac stages free events all over Canada and the United states to bring people together. We are the only travel insurer that gives you the opportunity to stand up in a room of several thousand people and tell us what you think of us, face to face. And we listen!

Our "It's Not Fair" program asked thousands of snowbirds to tell us what they did NOT like about our insurance programs. We changed them, based on your input, and set the new travel insurance standards for the next decade.

Did you know that, on a per-policy basis, Medipac employs more doctors than anyone else, more nurses than anyone else, and our executive team has literally hundreds of years of travel and special risk insurance experience? These are the people whom you want looking after you, should a claim ever occur, and no amount of money can ever replace service and competence.

And, of course, we have earned the coveted endorsement of Canada's largest group of long-term travellers – the Canadian Snowbird Association – for 16 consecutive years. Medipac is also proud to have been chosen as the exclusive Travel Insurance Benefit Partner for the Royal Canadian Legion.

There is one other item worth mentioning; Medipac's Early Bird Plan is an excellent purchase decision. This year we have, again, provided an additional 5% special discount to add to our claim-free discount and loyalty credits. I recommend that you buy the early bird Plan and take advantage of our four-payment plan.

Well, that's my insurance advice for today and we are still just a phone call away if you have any questions, concerns or even just want to say "hello."