Letter from the Editor Issue 68

Fall 2008 CSANews Issue 68  |  Posted date : Sep 19, 2008.Back to list

This is your chance, again!

In an early September poll of AOL Canada subscribers, the question was asked, "How confident are you in Canada's criminal justice system?" Although it was a small poll and not really statistically accurate, when I first saw it, an astounding 79% of respondents answered "Not at all". A further 18% indicated that they were only "somewhat confident" in our criminal justice system. That's 97% of respondents – the other 3% obviously must be the criminals.

The great thing about our democracies is that real people (that's you and me) get a chance to change our world. And all it takes is one vote. A lot of things are very wrong in our society and you as an individual can ask questions, probe positions of the candidates, heck, even volunteer for a future politician or a political party, and you will make a difference because you can, and hopefully will, vote.

I know why 97% of respondents are fed up with our criminal justice system, and so do you. The failed results are walking and stalking our streets as we speak. Why does someone get four trials for the same vicious crime? And wander around on bail for several years in the meantime? Why does it take 10 to 15 years and millions of taxpayer dollars to deport an illegal immigrant criminal? I am involved in a fairly simple civil suit and we are entering our 14th year of "battle." Why do non-Canadians have more rights, more benefits, and more government largesse than real Canadians? Are we nuts!!!!

This is your chance, again! Ask those questions, find out where candidates and their parties stand on every issue, and help push our CSA issue to the forefront, too! Only you can change our world! And me, and the guy next door, and your friends, and the person walking down the street – and if he or she is part of the 3% - let's send them packing!

J. Ross Quigley, Editor

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