Government of Ontario funds new cancer drugs

Fall 2008 CSANews Issue 68  |  Posted date : Sep 19, 2008.Back to list

The government of Ontario is investing $50 million in three groundbreaking cancer drugs. The first, Avastin, will receive $30 million in funding for the treatment of colorectal cancer – the second-biggest cancer killer in Ontario, with 3,250 deaths per year. Avastin works by cutting off the blood supply to cancerous tumours, rather than affecting all of the cells in the body. Colorectal cancer patients who receive Avastin as part of their treatment have an average survival length of two years, while those who do not take Avastin may only have 15 months.

The other drugs, Sprycel and Alimta, will receive $20 million in funding for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and non-small cell lung cancer, respectively. Both of these drugs have provided new options for patients who have not had success with initial cancer drug treatments.
Source: Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care