Home Insurance Conditions Revised to Benefit Snowbirds

Fall 2008 CSANews Issue 68  |  Posted date : Sep 19, 2008.Back to list

Royal & Sunalliance (RSA) has added an option for snowbirds who leave their homes unattended for extended periods of time during the regular heating season. Policyholders whose homes are insured with RSA can now rely on indemnity for damages caused by water as a result of freezing, if their dwelling is protected by a monitored heating alarm that is connected to a station providing 24-hour service to ensure that heating is being maintained.

The current options of shutting off your water and draining your plumbing system, or having a competent person check on your dwelling every third day while you are away are still options that you can employ to maintain coverage; that has not changed. Using a “Freeze Alarm” instead of these two options has simply been included as an alternative. Unfortunately, the alarms don’t clear your snow, check your mail or set up your common lights on timers, so you still have to find solutions for those extended-absence issues.

Royal & Sunalliance (RSA) is the underwriter of the CSA-endorsed CSA Auto/Home Insurance Plan.

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