Kids and Animals: Keep them Both Safe

Summer 2006 CSANews Issue 59  |  Posted date : May 28, 2007.Back to list

Nothing is quite as precious as watching the bond between children and animals. However, some animals don't take too kindly to having their space invaded. And some kids just don't seem to know when "enough is enough". That's why it's important to teach kids how to behave appropriately around animals. Here are some simple, yet valuable guidelines for children to follow before interacting with ANY animal:

  • Never tease or stare at animals
  • Always ask before touching any animal, even if the animal is familiar (i.e. a neighbour's dog)
  • Never grab an animal's ears, feet or tail
  • Never touch wild animals
  • Freeze if approached by an animal; speak softly to it and back away slowly
  • Stay away from all newborn animals
  • Never disturb an animal that is eating, sleeping or chewing on something