Letter from the Editor Issue 58

Spring 2006 CSANews Issue 58  |  Posted date : May 27, 2007.Back to list

One day I would like to stand where our cover person is standing – alone, or even better, with someone to share it – at the very edge of another new beginning. Our world is such a magnificent place to live, and to learn, and to just experience its endless wonders.

And it is Spring! The time of new hope, as the flowers and trees and, indeed, the people bring out their best displays to show us what they have been hiding all winter. So, make a New Year's resolution in May. Seek out a new destination, look for a new adventure, take your partner or spouse to a new place, eat new foods, go to a play, ACT in a play, find some new music, PLAY some music, dance a little, play a little and love a lot. You can go to Newfoundland on page 32 but at all times pay attention to Dr. Bob's 10 ways to be healthy on page 24. Every day IS a new beginning. Give each day the respect and the attention it deserves. You are the engine that can make life go places. Start it up, now.

J. Ross Quigley,