Who is that text really coming from?

Winter 2008 CSANews Issue 69  |  Posted date : Dec 23, 2008.Back to list

A woman's handbag was recently stolen, with all of the typical items you would find inside; credit cards, bank cards and a cellular phone.

By the time she managed to contact her husband from a pay phone to tell him she had been robbed, he told her that he had just received a text message from her asking to verify their Personal Identification Number, which he did by replying with a text message.

Realizing what happened, they contacted their bank immediately to advise that their security code had been compromised only to learn that the cash had already been withdrawn from their account.

Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people on your cell phone's contact list.  List contacts by name only, not by "Home"," Hubby", "Wifey", "Mom", "Dad" or other "pet" names. 

If someone asks you for personal information, call them back and speak to them directly.  If you are asked to meet someone via a text message, be safe and call them back to confirm your plans in person.