Feeling Insecure about Online Security?

Spring 2009 CSANews Issue 70  |  Posted date : Apr 30, 2009.Back to list

Whenever you are prompted to provide personal information online, especially credit card or bank account information when making a purchase, take a look at your web browser's address line and look for the "S."

The website protocol for public sites is "http" (example: http://www.google.com).

This public address protocol is just that, public. It is an un-secure area and others could potentially eavesdrop on your online activity.

If the web browser's address line shows "https," this is an indication that you are in a secure area on the website which you are visiting and the content you enter on an "https" web page is secure from prying eyes (i.e. https://www.snowbirds.org/popup_Login.php). The "S" stands for secure.

Make it a habit, anytime you are prompted to provide information that identifies who you are by means of a name, address, e-mail address or other personal monikers, always look for the "s" in the address line. It is important to be especially diligent with this practice when making an online purchase for which your credit card or banking information is involved.