President’s Award Honourees 2009

Spring 2009 CSANews Issue 70  |  Posted date : Apr 30, 2009.Back to list

President's Award Honourees 2009

Instituted in 2003, the association has created an annual president's award – to be presented at the annual general meeting or other suitable venue – to recognize members who have served the association in an outstanding volunteer capacity thereby making a significant contribution to the success of the association.

The award consists of an etched glass object suitable for display on a bookshelf or table.

The award winners for 2009 are:

Joan Brissenden (Brechin ON & St. Petersburg FL)
Eric Dagg (Cobden ON & Lakeland FL)
Orbin Eickmeier (Mildmay ON & Lakeland FL)
Betty Flewelling (Guelph ON & Panama City Beach FL)
Brian & Lorraine Houlahan (Perth ON)
Bill Leeder – In Memoriam
Bill & Lucille Lovett (Kamloops BC & Thousand Palms CA)
John & Elizabeth Winter (Sault Ste Marie ON & Harlingen TX)

Pic 1: CSA President Don Gardiner presents Joan Brissenden with the President's Award.

Pic 2: Don Gardiner and Eric Dagg at the AGM in Lakeland, FL.

Pic 3: Don Gardiner with Bill & Lucille Lovitt at the Winter Information Meeting in Indio, CA.