The Winter Travels of Gerry and Joan

Spring 2009 CSANews Issue 70  |  Posted date : Apr 30, 2009.Back to list

What a great winter season we had in Florida! We were invited to attend several Canada Club events and provincial picnics.

The provincial picnics are arranged by volunteers. Every year, they advertise the picnic in CSANews as well as by word of mouth. So far, the picnics have all been arranged by the Atlantic provinces.

The New Brunswick picnic was organized by our CSA director Ron Steeves and his wife Judy, and is held each year at Fort DeSoto  Park in St. Petersburg; this year, they had more than 900 people attend. The Newfoundland picnic, also at Fort DeSoto Park, was organized by Gerry Matthews and had more than 700 in attendance. The Prince Edward Island picnic was once again organized by the former premier of P.E.I., Alex Campbell and, as in other years, had more than 700 in attendance. The Nova Scotia picnic, held at Lake Seminole Park, was organized by Nancy Richards, and they also had more than 700 people attend. At each picnic, music and song are provided by people from the province. One of the highlights of the day is the draw for prizes. These picnics are sponsored by the Canadian Snowbird Association and Medipac International, and Ron and Judy Steeves represented the CSA at every provincial picnic. We were fortunate to have our legal counsel Wallace Weylie and his wife Anne attend the New Brunswick picnic; Wally and I were also invited to speak to the Canada Club in Arcadia.

Joan and I attended the Mississauga picnic organized by Isabel Irvin. Next year, this is going to become the Ontario picnic and we would encourage everyone to attend; it will be held at Fort DeSoto Park on Monday, March 15 at Shelter #5. All you have to do is bring your lunch and enjoy the fun, meet old friends and make new friends – you can even spend the rest of the day at the sandy beach. We should be able to make this the biggest picnic.

Joan and I were invited to attend and speak about the CSA at several Canada Clubs and smaller picnics. It is wonderful to see how Canadians get together at these events. We attended too many to discuss each one in detail, however, I took photos of the organizers of each event, some of which you can see in this issue of CSANews.

In addition to the Canada Clubs, we also attended the luncheons of The Toronto Metropolitan Police and the Ontario Provincial Police, and the picnic of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We attended shuffle tournaments, golf tournaments and Canada Day events.

Joan and I would like to thank the people who invited us this year. We met so many nice people, made so many new friends and had such a good time

Next year, Joan and I will be attending these events again and would be very pleased to attend your event. Other CSA directors are also available to attend events; all you have to do is contact the CSA office and request that someone attend and speak at your event giving the date, time and location.

In addition to attending these events, we also mailed out more than 90,000 placemats. These are great for breakfast meetings and dinner/dances. The placemats have both the American and Canadian national anthems and information about the Extravaganzas and Winter Information Meetings.

If you require placemats free of charge for your next event, please call 1-877-633-4722, or order online at You can also call this number if you would like us to advertise your event in our annual listing, which is in the fall issue of CSANews.

We look forward to seeing you all next year in the sunny south!