Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven

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Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven
By Dannion Brinkley (Harper One, 203 pages, $23.95)

In 1975, Dannion Brinkley, a cocky 25-year-old, was struck and killed by lightning.  He awoke in the morgue 28 minutes later and returned to report about experiences on the other side.

It wouldn't be the last time.

Three times, Dannion was sent to heaven in a tunnel of light. In his latest book, Secrets of the Light, written with his wife Kathryn, he remarks in his lively irreverent manner that it took him two lightning strikes, open heart surgery and brain surgery to see that he had..."more to contribute to the world than just a bad attitude."

Brinkley's first two experiences on the other side reflect the brilliant celestial heaven of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials, but the third was a much more sobering, grey holding area.  The message is that we really are responsible for our afterlife futures by the way we think, love and live in this life.

Along with some very specific lessons for living, Brinkley shares some startling predictions from the other side.  One vision saw the Republic of North America uniting Canada, the United States and Mexico as one country.  Another cited the ubiquitous 2012 as a time at which "humanity will experience unprecedented mental and spiritual transformation coinciding exactly with the earth's passage through great physical upheaval!!

The final portion of the book is devoted to examining the knowledge which Brinkley gained as a result of his time spent in heaven during his three Near Death Experiences.  He calls it his Fourfold Path to Power: Love, Belief, Choice and Prayer.
  1. The Power of Love – Laughter and living in a state of gratitude is part of the energy of love.
  2. The Power in Belief – It's most important to believe in the inherent goodness of others. Complete loss of faith can create a devastating void in one's life.
  3. The Power in Choice – Choose to remain cheerful and optimistic in a sad world. "Life is the sum of our choices."
  4. The Power in Prayer – When you think of a sick loved one with "willful conscious intent" it has been proven that there is great power in prayer.
Dannion Brinkley's first book, Saved By the Light, spent 26 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and was later made into a popular television movie.  Brinkley and his wife have spent years recruiting and training hospice volunteers for dying veterans.  He claims that...."volunteerism is spiritual activism in its highest form."

Secrets of the Light: Lessons From Heaven is basically an inspiring, upbeat book with the message that..."True joy in life comes from living in the moment, while learning to bloom where you are planted."

Willa McLean is a free lance writer who lives in Kitchener, ON