Medical Expenses due to Swine Flu Illness are Fully Covered for Travelling Canadians Insured under Medipac Travel Insurance Policies

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Many travel insurance plans in Canada are refusing to pay for medical expenses relating to the current swine flu epidemic. Their insurance policy wordings deny coverage for travel to any country that has been the subject of a government travel warning or advisory.

"This is a time of crisis when insurance companies should be helping their clients" says Ross Quigley, President and C.E.O. of Medipac International "Rather than exclude coverage and give consumers reasons to doubt the coverage provided in their travel insurance plan, it would be preferable to reassure them that their travel medical insurance plan will be there for them when they need it most"
"Travellers are reminded to read and understand their travel medical insurance policies, carefully, so that they know exactly what they are buying and exactly what is covered and what is not covered." added Canadian Snowbird Association President, Don Gardiner.

Medipac Travel Insurance protects tens of thousands of Canadians who travel to warm destinations, many for extended periods of time.  Furthermore, travel to Mexico is extremely popular as an affordable destination for Canadians for both a long winter stay or for a brief vacation.

"In a crisis such as this, we stand behind our policies, our Medical Assistance Team and our product.  If a Canadian is faced with an illness in a foreign country, it is our job to get them help and to get them home safely…it's what we do!"  Quigley stated.

The Medipac Travel Insurance Program has been protecting travelling Canadians since 1982.  They specialize in insuring retired Canadians who winter in warmer climates commonly referred to as "snowbirds".

The Medipac Travel Insurance Program is endorsed exclusively by the Royal Canadian Legion and the Canadian Snowbird Association.

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