Letter from the Editor Issue 71

Summer 2009 CSANews Issue 71  |  Posted date : Jul 21, 2009.Back to list

It's 100 out there; we are in Florida and it is HOT. Even the ocean, which usually provides a little relief, is extra warm, but you will burn your feet on the sand trying to get there. I can't imagine what it must be like on the equator.

The Nexus card struck again as we boarded the plane to come to Tampa, as there were no direct flights to Sarasota. There were hundreds of people lined up in rows and rows and down the aisles and out the door, all waiting to be told that they were not bad guys and allowed to pass into the inner sanctum of the airport. We strolled over to the Nexus lineup and there was one lonely person in front of us – a flight crew member waiting for clearance. A very senior person noticed us immediately and asked if we were "Nexus," almost as though it was a secret cult. We assured her that we were and we were ushered around the flight crew member and given the royal treatment. Heck, it makes you feel like a seasoned traveller when all it really is, is an eye scan ID. Get one!

And did you get your Early Bird insurance package from Medipac and the Canadian Snowbird Association? Now is the time to make your insurance arrangements for next season's travel. Whether you travel in September or February, the best premium rates are available now.

If your package has not shown up yet, or if you are new to the snowbird marketplace, call Medipac at 1-888-633-4722 and have them send you one. Medipac's Double Guarantee will protect you in the unlikely event that rates should go down. With the new health-care initiatives coming in the U.S., the hospitals and doctors will be looking to the "foreigners" to make up some of their lost revenue. I believe that even further increased medical pricing will be coming.

You can also buy Medipac Travel Insurance online - it's fast and it's easy!

My last thought is the Canadian dollar and its roller-coaster ride up and down the financial charts. To smooth out those huge swings, we have thousands of snowbirds who transfer money into their U.S.-dollar account each and every month. I am one of them. This gives them a good average exchange rate over a one-year period and helps to avoid that bad rate when you actually need the money. When you wait until the last minute prior to travel, there are thousands of snowbirds doing exactly the same thing as you....competing to buy U.S. dollars....this will naturally have a negative effect on your exchange rate. Use the Snowbird Currency Exchange program for great rates and simplicity.

That nice round number of 100 that we started with is known as par in currency-exchange circles. I buy a little extra U.S. money when I see that 100 number. May we all have par+ on our money this year and par- of course, if you are a golfer. Have a great summer!

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