Validation Tag Theft

Summer 2009 CSANews Issue 71  |  Posted date : Jul 21, 2009.Back to list

When we receive the new validation sticker for our licence plate, most of us simply clean off the surface of the previous sticker and put the new one on top of it. All a thief has to do is pry off the layered stack of licence plate stickers, clean up the back and glue your sticker onto their licence plate or, worse, sell it to someone else to apply it to theirs. This allows them to avoid the need to bother paying for an emissions test, paying the renewal fee and, by extension, probably drive uninsured.

Next time, scrape the sticker location completely clean of the expired validation stickers, wash the site with lighter fluid or alcohol and then apply the new validation tag and rub it down well.

Once the site is cleaned off and the new sticker is applied, take a sharp Exacto knife and score lines vertically and horizontally across the sticker; this guarantees that it can only be removed in small, useless pieces. Incidentally, as the licence plate is aluminum, there is no risk of rusting due to the scoring.