Passport Facts

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Number of passport offices in Canada: 33


Average number of passports issued in a year: 1,700,000


Highest number of passports issued in one year: 3,000,000 (2005)


Maximum number of passports issued in one day: 18,000


Percentage of Canadians thought to have a valid passport: 40%


Number of passports expected to be issued in 2008/2009: 3,800,000

The Imbedded Cost of a Canadian Passport

Consular Services to Canadians Abroad: $25.00
Examination of Documents and Guarantor checks: $30.00
Production Costs: $28.00
Administrative Costs: $4.00

Total Cost of a 24-page Adult Passport: $87.00

The History of the Canadian Passport

1862    The first year documentation was required to travel between Canada and the U.S.

1878    The cost of a British passport in Canada was $1 – 50 were issued.

1939    The U.S. announced that Canadians would be required to present a passport to cross the border as a temporary war-time measure.

1947    The Canadian Government issued two types of passports up to this date – one for British-born citizens and one for naturalized Canadian citizens.

1948    Canadian Government reverted to issuing passports for Canadian Citizens only.

1970    The first year a passport applicant in Canada was required to provide proof when they claimed to be born in Canada.

1985    Machine-readable passports were introduced.

1991    Additional security features were introduced.

2002    The digitally embedded photo with a second photo (which is only visible under ultra-violet light) was introduced along with other holographic images, making the Canadian passports one of the most secure travel documents in the world.

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