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Posted date : Aug 04, 2009.Back to list

If you have ever had an opportunity to attend Snowbird Extravaganza in Florida, Arizona or Texas, you may remember sitting in with Dr.Bob MacMillan and listening to ideas on how to live a happy and healthy snowbird lifestyle.
CSANews Issue 70 ImageIf you haven't attended a healthy living seminar, or would like to see one again, we've posted a video of Dr. Bob's most recent speech online, for all to view.
In this session, Dr. Bob talks about Heredity, Medical Advances and important things to remember that will help us live a healthy snowbird lifestyle.
He also mentions, in previous presentations, that all snowbirds should carry a Personal Health Record when travelling. He suggests this could help save your life by providing attending doctors, during a medical emergency, a clear view of your medical history.
As an added value to your snowbird membership we've created an online function to help you create your own Personal Health Record.

As a member you can create, save and edit two health records online - one for you, and one for your spouse or a friend.

You can then print your records and take them with you on your travels.
Login now and create your Personal Health Record. Follow the Health Record link under the members only menu on the left after logging in.

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